I was always irresistibly attracted by the arts and I began to  sing,  paint
and play instruments from an early age, in my native Transylvania.
My teachers and family encouraged me to study at a musical school but, a
few years later, in high school,  I switched to the Fine Arts.
For the rest of my life, music and fine arts intertwined in  my creativity.

I graduated from the
National University of Arts in Bucharest - at that time
named the Fine Arts Institute "Nicolae Grigor
escu" - a six years classical
university program, including drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramic
design and art theory classes.
In parallel, I was  continuing my musical education in the concert halls.

Those were the days...

After graduation, I left the communist Romania.

first solo show was mentioned in a prestigious magazine but I was
disappointed about how my wok was misunderstood by an art journalist I
never knew. This was my first warning about the intruders  the art world
is full of.

Settled in Canada, I completed my knowledge of art theory and got a

aster Degree in Art History at Université de Montréal.

Gradually, I became detached from the physical object, and I left
s to disintegrate in the nature, like an old chapter of my life.

A new chapter started with the digital image processing, by the end of the
last century. This change allowed me to bring back what I felt was
missing in my vocabulary - the music world.  I don't compose music but I  
bring in other musician's creations to inspire and structure my art.

I needed an alternative space to present my work without the limiting
institutional and commercial constraints of a gallery. Web exposure
became the permanent and exclusive media, where my  projects are
shared with the world. Other than  this site, I expose my work on
Instagram and  YouTube.

To me, art is a way of life, not a career.   "Ghost artists” as myself are
minimalist communicators, manifested publicly only by their creative
concepts. My art focuses on the essence, the inner world by  combining
music, visual arts and technology.