As much as I remember, I was always attracted by the arts and I began to paint,
sing and play instruments at an early age, in my native Transylvania.

At the
age of 13 I began studying at a musical school, but a few years later, in
high school,  I switched to the fine arts. I graduated from the
Fine Arts
Academy of Bucharest - a six years university program, including studio and
nature drawing, painting, ceramic sculpture & design and art theory classes.
Soon after graduation, I left the communist Romania.

My first solo show was mentioned in
Jerusalem Post Magazine. I was deeply
disappointed about how my work was misunderstood by an art journalist I
never knew. This was my first warning about the parasites the art world is
infested with.
I decided to complete my knowledge of art theory so I could defend my work.
I settled in Canada and I got a
Master degree in Art History at Montreal

Gradually, I became detached from the physical object and I left behind
sculpture, letting
my ceramics to disintegrate in the nature, like an old chapter
of my life.  A new chapter started with the digital image processing and the
WWW, by the end of the last century.
I needed an alternative space to present a concept without the institutional and
commercial constraints of a gallery. Web exposure modes became permanent
and exclusive, where my artistic projects are interspersed with certain
informations about my life and art preferences. The
Music inspires me

Art is a way of life, not a career for me.   "Ghost artists” as myself are
minimalist communicators, manifested publicly only by their creative projects.
My installations focus on the essence, the inner world. They are an enhanced
reality or, as they say today, an augmented reality.  I  am presenting my
concepts by inserting my virtual sculptures into the scenery captured by my
photos and videos,
combining music, visual art and technology.